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Imagine a Smart Home Experience

Where Everyday Home Tasks Are Simplified Into A Button Click.

Enjoy Total Control of Your Home


Want to control your home from a sleek, intuitive system? Look no further than AV Solutions. We provide top-tier home automation systems for clients in the Grand Junction, CO area.

Our crew can integrate the following smart devices:







We can even install a smart garage door opener. Find out why we’re a preferred smart home installation company. Contact us today to arrange for home automation services. We offer free walkthrough estimates.

Luxury Smart Home Automation Systems

Home automation technology consistently advances to help you simplify your lifestyle by localizing all your home functions and features into a centralized system. This system can be instantly accessed from a secure and user-friendly app on your favorite smartphone or tablet device.

No matter the time of day or your location in the world, smart home technology now gives you instant access to and control over your home’s music, TVs, air conditioning, windows and shades, security cameras, pool and more.

Benefits of Using AV Solutions for Smart Home Upgrades

When you enlist AV Solutions of Grand Junction for your in-home project, our primary goal is to design a smart home automation system that’s easy to use. With our custom engineering and high-quality integration products, we can create a simplified experience that includes the following advantages:
  • A user-friendly interface to a well-designed system that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Detailed system orientation and training, so you fully understand how to use your system
  • Control at your fingertips that requires the least amount of clicks
  • Around-the-clock support for troubleshooting and emergency questions

Comprehensive Smart Home System

Features Available to You
Here’s a more complete list of the most common features of the typical smart home experience:

  • Lighting Control
  • Temperate Control
  • Pool Control
  • Motorized Window Shades
  • Audio and Video Distribution
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Security Systems and Cameras
  • Doorbell Control
  • Electronic Lock Systems

Whether you’re a traveling business owner, an emergency doctor on call, or simply live out of state, our custom smart home system design will help create peace of mind with easy access and control.

Remote Home Security for Continuous Peace of Mind

Visual Doorbell

See who is at the door via your TV or smartphone.

Remote Door Locks

Forgot to lock your doors or close your garage? Lock your house down via your smartphone while you’re at work or away on vacation.

Lighting Control

If you’re on vacation, you can program your lights to mimic your usual activity at home, so that neighbors won’t know you’re out of town.

Real-Time Updates

Receive live alerts when doors or your garage has been opened or if your security system ever gets disabled.

Programmable Options for In-Home Comfort and Enjoyment

As you can see there are many advantages to integrating your smart home. Living made easy.


Set personalized lighting and music settings for your home entertainment system, and instantly recall them with the simple push of a button.

Going to Bed

Lock your doors and turn off all electronics and lights in the house with one push of a button.


Program your lights to the desired brightness for both indoors and out. You can also set your doors to lock automatically at 8 p.m., among many other possibilities.

Start of the Day

Program your lights to slowly turn on or your blinds to open each morning. You can also have the kitchen TV and coffee maker turn on at the same time each morning.

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